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We are effekttief.
Inspiration meets effectiveness.

Most approaches to developing talents, teams, and leaders are inadequate. They are episodic, not systemic. They are individually focused, not individually, collectively and contextually focused. They are often aiming at behavioural change, without going for the root causes of that exact behavior. Many times, they are not integrated.

People who choose to work with us benefit from our unique combination of mindset change, inspiration, and application in everyday professional life. We help them develop a clear process for individual and collective growth that helps them be their best.

Our coaching provides a sometimes challenging but always supportive working partnership that benefits individuals and organizations by improving performance through developing skills, confidence, and focus.

Whether you want to motivate your employees, define a career path, innovate, or develop effective communication and leadership skills, we can provide customized coaching services and programs to improve your company’s effectiveness.

You can take our word for it!

Klaus Bonus-Vossen, Chief Effectiveness Officer
Oliver Bröhl, Chief Inspiration Officer


Our Services

Everything's changing all the time. Everything's speeding up all the time. Everybody's facing growing uncertainties.

Sometimes complexity can be overwhelming. And although we intellectually understand, that these fundamental changes require us to transform in an equally fundamental fashion, we willfully ignore the necessity. Instead of playing to win, we prefer to play not to lose. It feels so much safer, doesn't it?

But the difference between a leader, a team or an organization playing to win vs playing not to lose is the difference between acting out of wanting to succeed vs reacting out of fear. At effekttief, our job is to inspire people to make new decisions, and to help them make the adjustments they need to make in order to reach their goals, subsequently.

Executive & Leadership Coaching
Leadership & Business Transformation
Growth Mindset Excellence Programs
Vertical Team Transformation
Diversity & Talent Consulting
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The Squad

Our Team

Many coaches live in a bubble made of theory, dogmatism, and wishful thinking. We don't. effekttief coaches combine a history of leadership and management expertise with innovative thinking and cutting-edge knowledge. They are experienced in successfully guiding business transformation within both individuals and teams. Our work is based on the belief that answers to complex business problems lie within the companies themselves. Culture, context, and strategy are relevant, but what really matters are the beliefs and skills of the people.

"When we experience the world as "too complex" we are not just experiencing the complexity of the world. We are experiencing a mismatch between the world's complexity and our own at this moment. There are only two logical ways to mend this mismatch— reduce the world's complexity or increase our own. "
Robert Kegan & Lisa Lahey, Harvard